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for internationals 🌎
​Rookie Driver's Program 🚥



After successful gaimen kirikae 

This program is for anyone who wants to enhance your driving skills and knowledge and to be a better and safer driver.   


If you passed the gaimen kirikae, congratulations ! 

From now on, you have earned the right to actually drive a car on the street.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that gaimen kirikae procedure just checked your driving skills.  Actually, having a Japanese driver's license does not mean being able to drive safely at all in Japan.

You are very vulnerable to car accidents if you do not know or follow Japanese specific traffic rules called "どうろこうつうほう" or "Road Traffic Act". 

The purpose of this Act is to prevent road hazards and otherwise ensure the safety and fluidity of traffic, as well as to contribute to preventing blockages arising from road traffic.

When driving on the road, it is your social responsibility as a driver to obey these traffic laws, and to make sure that other people can pass safely.

Let's learn these traffic rules with us 
to be a safer and better driver. 


By practicing driving on actual public roads with our instructor, you will learn... 

What you will learn (just name a few ...)

  • Daily Inspection

  • Driving with the flow of traffic

  • How to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles

  • Appropriate position on more than two lanes one way

  • Safe veering and lane changes

  • Driving according to signals, signs, markings, etc.

  • How to pass through intersections (going straight, left and right turn)

  • ​Pedestrian Protection

  • Dealing with emergency vehicles 

  • Parking and stopping the car on the road.

  • Backing up a car 

  • Danger Prediction

  • Driving on Highways (if you want)

By learning these, you will be 

✅  much less likely to be involved in car accidents... 

✅  driving more fun 

✅  driving in great confidence 

✅  driving in great piece of mind 


Rookie Driver's Program 🌎

including tax

23,000 yen / 5 hours

✅  1 hours: 5,000 yen

✅  10 hours : 45,000 yen

✅  The more you practice, the cheaper the fees will be

※ If you want to practice driving on highways, highway fees will be extras. 

How to contact us 

You can contact us by adding us LINE Account

Please feel free to ask us anything.

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