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​🌎Gaimen Kirikae  (Licence Conversion)🔁

Switching your foreign driving licence to a Japanese one

 がいめんきりかえ  外免切替

Do you want to successfully switch your licence to a Japanese one? ​
You are in the right place ‼️

I want to convert my licence to a Japanese one and drive a car in Japan... but don't know how ... 


I don't have confidence in my driving skills in order to pass the driving exam... 

I am wondering if I can take lessons and learn everything I need to pass the driving exam . . .

Don't worry ! We are here to help you succeed in the gaimen kirikae procedure!

Why choose Yuasa Driving School ? 

1. Friendly and generous  Instructor

Our staff are very responsible, passionate and motivated to help, support and lead you to a successful gaimen kirikae!

You will be instructed by our friendly and generous staff.

2.  Great track record

We have a lot of experiences in teaching students and in leading them to success !

3.  Practice @ the test course with our instructor

You will be able to practice at the Wakayama driving center with our instructor with the exam car. 

You can practice in an atmosphere just like a real exam!

4. same car, same course structures 

We have the large driving course with same Crank and S courses, signals, intersections, slopes  ... everything. 

You will learn to equip all the knowledge and skills necessary to pass your gaimen kirikae.

5. Lessons in English

If you are concerned that there is no place for internationals, we are here! 

You can learn in English, or in any languages with us! 

Our Crank 

Our S-Curve 

🎉Testimonials 🎉

I have a friend named 〇〇. I guess you've already chatted about her plan to learn driving with you. 

I told her you're a good teacher and you helped me a lot 

N from Philippines

We are very pleased to get training from you. 
I will be keeping in touch with you forever. 

Now you are my mentor.

A from Bangladesh



M from Philippines

Important things to remember 
when considering gaimen-kirikae


If you consider gaimen-kirikae, please read this PDF File before taking the first driving test.

Fundamental reasons why gaimen kirikae is a pain 



🚙 Gaimen Kirikae 🔁

including tax

40,000 yen 

✅  6 hours of driving practice included

(5 hours practice @ our driving school + 1 hour practice @ driver's licence center) 

✅  If you want to practice more, 5,000 yen / hour

※ The driving lesson at the driving center cost you additional 3,000 yen for the use of the course.

How to contact us


By adding our line account,
you can chat and call us quite easily in English. 
Ask us anything✨ 

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