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Switching your foreign driving licence to a Japanese one

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What is Gaimen-Kirikae?


A driving licence issued in your country can be converted to a Japanese one, by a method called "Gaimen Kirikae"

To apply for Gaimen Kirikae, following three conditions need to be met.

  1. Your driver's licence issued by a foreign administrative office must be valid. 

  2. You have a proof that you stayed in a country where your current driver's licence was issued for at least 3 months. 

  3. Your "Juminhyo" (Certificate of Residence) needs to be in Wakayama. (If you wish to apply in Wakayama). 

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Procedure (in Wakayama)

Gather all the documents

  • A valid foreign driver's licence 

  • A certified copy of Japanese translation of your foreign driver's licence

  • Passport

  • Certificate of Residence (Jumin-hyo)

  • Application's photograph for application form



Before the document inspection(step 3), the pre-meeting needs to be done to check your eligibility. This can be done on the phone or at the driver's licence center. Arrange a date for the document inspection.


Document Inspection

You go to the Wakayama driver's licence center and submit your documents to them. Once you pass this step, go on to Step 4


Aptitude test

 An interview with a series of question (mostly about your driving history) and an eyesight test are conducted. 

You are exempted from knowledge test (step 5) and driving test  (step 6)

if you are from these countries.

Exam-Exempt Countries and Region (29 countries etc.)
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Britain, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Holland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Luxembourg, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Kingdom of Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United State of America (States of Hawaii,Maryland, Virginia and Washington only), and Taiwan


Traffic rule knowledge check

You take a short and simple multiple-choice quiz about the Japanese traffic rule. 7 or more correct answers out of 10 will be a "Pass"


Driving skill test

This step is the most difficult part of Gaimen Kirikae process. 

You require a good understanding of Japanese traffic rules and a good driving skill. The result is pass or fail. 

Issuance a Japanese driving licence 😆🎉


How we can help you

succeed in "Gaimen Kirikae"

1. Lessons in English

Our staff can use English at high level and thus non-Japanese speaking students can also learn driving knowledge and skills all in English

2. Highly Qualified Instructor

Our staff know exactly how to pass the driving test and have extensive experiences in guiding students to succeed.

We are very confident in making our students satisfied with our supports.


🚙 Gaimen Kirikae 🔁

including tax

36,500 yen 

✅  6 hours of driving practice included

(5 hours practice @ driving school + 1 hour practice @ driver's licence center) 

✅  If you want to practice more, 5,000 yen / hour

※ The driving lesson at the driving center cost you additional 3,000 yen for the use of the course a the driving center .  

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