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FOR Internationals

in Wakayama

Welcome international people in Wakayama who are keen on getting a license with a minimum cost !
"We are the only official driving school in Kansai area where you can take driving lessons in English


Driving Lessons in English

Our school is the only place where you take all driving lessons in English in Kansai area!


Professional instructors

We specialize in helping you pass the driving exams at the license center.


very cost effective

We are eager to maximize cost effectiveness.

We open on weekends as well.

Happy Customers🎉

Excellent Driving School. I totally enjoyed my experience on learning how to Drive from scratch with the help of my amazing Instructors and of course to Kenji San. He gives clear, easy to follow instructions and very straight forward. He is also very patient and has a good sense of humour which helps me with my nervousness. He is very committed as he makes time for his students. A great experience overall. Whether you are a new learner or simply brushing up, I highly recommend you to check out this place. It may sound weird but I will totally miss my lessons here ~

T.A (2023.10) PHL

Plans (Wakayama) 

Choose the plan that will best suit your needs

NOTE: All prices are tax included.

For a complete beginner

Beginner Plan


Course Practice unlimited until Karimen

 7 days of Road Practice after Karimen

Special Training (CPR, Expressway, etc. included )

Parking practice (2 hours)

Full Online Support (Written Exams, Booking for exams, Course Videos, etc)

MT Vehicle: plus 15,000 yen

For experienced 

Challenge Plan


Course Practice 10 hours 

 5 days of Road Practice after Karimen

Special Training (CPR, Expressway, etc. included )

Parking practice (2 hours)

Full Online Support (Written Exams, Booking for exams, Course Videos, etc)

If you have a driver's license issued in your country and want to convert it to a Japanese one, visit here (Gaimen Kirikae Procedure)

Steps to get a licence

1. Admission &
Start driving lessons

Finish the admission and start driving lessons. 

Can practice a few hours per day! 

4. Driving practice on the public roads

Mainly practice at the Wakayama city (we take you there)

7. Driving Exam for a Driver's license

Take the driving exam at the Kotsu center (Wakayama-shi Only). 

2. Written Exam for learner's permit

Take the written exam @Kotsu center (Wakayama-shi or Tanabe shi).

5. Written Exam for a Driver's license

Take the written exam @Kotsu center (Wakayama-shi or Tanabe shi).

8. Obtain a license

Pass the final driving exam and you get the driver's license.

3. Practical Exam for learner's permit

Take the driving exam at the Kotsu center (Wakayama-shi Only). 

6. Special Training

Special training (CPR etc) for one day


When you enroll in our school 

  • ID (Passport, Zairyu Todoke, etc)

  • Shoes appropriate for driving

  • Glasses or contact lenses (if you use it)

  • Fees 

Requirements for the first written exam

  • Official copy of your Certificate of Residence or "Jumin-hyo"(住民票)

    • "My Number" マイナンバー must not be written

    • An official copy of Certificate of Residence that shows your nationality. 

    • Certificate must be issued within 6 months (In some prefectures, within 3 months is required).

    • To get this copy, go to the municipal office of the city/ward/town/village where you reside. (Be carefully these offices are open only on weekdays so you cannot get it on weekends)​

  • Residence Card

  • Passport

  • Application form 

    • You can get this after entering our school or at the Wakayama Kotsu Center

  • Application's photograph 

    • Showing you front-facing, from shoulders up, without a hat or cap, with a plain background.

    • ​​Should be 2.4 W x 3.0 H cm.

  • Glasses

    • if you need

  • Fees 2,900 yen 

Official website of the Wakayama Kotsu center can be found here 

Contact Us

Step 1
 Add our LINE official account
Step 2
Ask us anything via Line 

You can ask us anything using LINE chat

You can even talk to the English Speaking Staff directly using the LINE call.  


How long does it take to get a driver's license?

How long it takes to get a license is determined mainly by three factors.

  • Your availability to come to our school and practice

  • The availability of test slots at the license center 

  • Your ability to pass each of the license tests

So, if you

  • come to our school 3 times or more per week,

  • during the off season (NOT August and March), and

  • pass tests within a few times 

You can get a license in less than 1 month (record: 3 weeks).

How many times do I have to go to your school and practice?

It depends on the speed of your driving skill acquisition. If you are a quick learner, 10 ~ 12 times may be enough to reach the level to pass the driving exam.

I don't live in Wakayama. Can I go to your school to get a license?

Of course you can. We do our best to schedule your practice so that you don't need to stay long in Wakayama. We can offer you a 3 hour of practice per day (not busy months).

I live in Osaka and want to go to your school. Does your school offer the accommodation?

We don't offer the accommodation, so you are required to find a place to stay by yourself.
There is a business hotel nearby with 4,840 yen / night.

Can I use a credit card?

Yes, you can.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you can if you pay with credit card. (Up to 24 times installments)

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